Interning at The Gabriel Institute

I’ve been interning at the Gabriel Institute and I can say that I have really learned a lot. The Gabriel Institute is a B-to-B company, although they are moving towards working with consumers, and I’m sure it is a little different from companies that work directly with consumers. TGI is a company focused on team building. They work with business to restructure or reorganize their teams to improver their productivity and efficiency. TGI is also small company, only four full time employees at the headquarters. So interning at a relatively small B-to-B company is an interesting experience. Since the company is relatively small, I have the opportunity to do many things as well as feel part of the team, instead of just “the intern”. Since interning at TGI I have not only been involved with advertising, but I have also been involved with PR, social media, human resources, an many more aspects of the company. I’m excited to see what the rest of the semester has in store for me at TGI.

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