Interning at the Karma Agency

I recently began interning at the Karma Agency in Center City, Philadelphia. Karma is a content agency that specializes in both advertising and public relations. When I first started the job my supervisors told me the clients I would potentially be working with. Unfortunately, most of the work for those clients will not pick up until the end of June.  In-between the assignments my supervisors have given me, I’ve also been working on some other small projects that are still beneficial to the agency. I plan to do similar projects in the future if I am ever left with free time at a future internship or job:

Scheduling: One of the first projects I worked on at Karma was a spreadsheet with a schedule for my supervisors. The schedule is for the months of June, July and August. It lists three different clients and all of the jobs for each of their campaigns. Another employee and myself split these jobs into five phases: the creative brief, concept development, production, print, and mail/delivery. This was a great first assignment because it gave me a glimpse of the work I will be doing for the rest of the summer. I now keep the schedule hanging above my desk so I’m always up to date on what work will come next.

Research: When I first got to Karma I spent a lot of time becoming familiar with their clients by exploring the server and seeing past research and work. Now that I am up to speed on most of their clients’ backgrounds, I spend a lot of time completing general market research. I often check out different advertising  blogs to see what other agencies are writing about. Karma is hoping to start their own blog in the near future, so whenever I see anything interesting I make a note of it for them.

I am excited to learn more at my internship as the summer continues!

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