Interning at the March of Dimes

For the past few months I have spent my days interning at the March of Dimes King of Prussia office.  As this was my first internship, I was unsure of what to expect.  This entire experience from start to finish has not only pushed me outside of my comfort zone but has also helped me realize how much I enjoy working with people, ultimately opening new doors for career paths after graduating.  The March of Dimes is truly a lovely organization.  The people I have worked side by side with for this summer have taught me really how rewarding it is be a part of the non-profit world.

I have had the pleasure to work on an event to be hosted at the Please Touch Museum this fall.  I feel incredily lucky to have been able to witness the inner workings of event planning, learning the ins and outs of such intricate operation.  Most recently, my supervisor has invited me to tours of event venues, allowed me to sit in on meetings with committee chairs and attend photoshots throughout the city, all of which only furthered my interest of event planning.

This internship has taught me that though I am in school for advertising, there are other aspects of the communications world that I could potentially thrive in.  Working for a non-profit organization has also opened my eyes to the incredible amount of passion that seems to act as this organization’s backbone.  Everyone I have met at the March of Dimes exudes positivity, dedication and a genuine sense of personal attachment you do not find in many organizations today. I look forward to what else will come from interning at the March of Dimes.

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