Interning, Learning and actually enjoying it.

My name is Jenny Hood, I am a graphic design intern at Dave Magrogan Group. It is a young, fast-paced, growing company. The own five restaurant chains: Kildare’s Irish Pub, Doc Magrogans Oyster House, Barra Rossa, Harvest Seasonal Grill, and Red Star Craft House. As the graphic design intern I design pieces for all five restaurant concepts. This includes menus, Facebook posts, in-store graphics, etc… I work under Caitlin, the Creative Director for the company. She is amazing. She is always open to questions and constantly teach me new techniques. I have learned more in the 2 months that I have been working with her than in all of my classes combined.

Everyone that I have meet so far within the company is extremely friendly and professional. Although they aren’t too professional where I feel as though I can’t have a normal conversation with them. That is one of the fun aspects of the restaurant business, it is full of young interesting people. Everyone respects each other creating a very comfortable professional environment. The company actually has a sort of mascot, the Rhino. They see it as a symbol of charging ahead with force. There are Rhino statues all over the office to be a constant reminder of pushing forward and doing your best. They have a very tight knit staff. We actually have an upcoming event where two of the employees: Caitlin and Melissa (in charge of social media) will be having a chili cook off in the office. This type of activity is common within the company. I enjoy working for a company that sees enjoying your work and co-workers as one of it’s top priorities.

I could definitely see myself working in this or a similar company for the next few years, or even for the rest of my professional career. As my coworkers say “Rhino for Life”


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  1. Hey Jenny! Is there a favorite piece you’ve designed? That’s great that you’ve learned so much working with the Creative Director. I love the Rhino idea and it seems very fitting to the company you work with.

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