Interning with Aramark – Temple University Dining Services

I have really enjoyed interning at Temple Dining Services. It has taught me a lot about Temple’s food service operations and marketing. Being a student who lived on campus freshman year and had a meal plan throughout college, it has been very interesting to see behind the scenes. The food service at Temple has changed a lot over my years here and being a part of it has been a great experience. I feel this internship has given me opportunities to feel involved on campus and helps me to be in the know with whats going on at Temple. I am a Marketing Manager Intern so one of my duties is to help run the social media accounts. There are a few aspects of my job that I feel other students would find very interesting. When there is a game day, to reward Temple spirit, the other interns and I pass around Red Velvet Cookies to students on campus wearing Temple gear. Also on study days we post up in the tech center, many of the residence halls, and other on campus locations and give out snacks to students who are studying. We hold little events like this to create a positive and encouraging face for Temple Dining. I often walk around campus, taking pictures of menu items from any of the food service operations to post on our Instagram to highlight our good dishes. I believe if more students knew about Temple Dining’s Instagram they would follow us because we post a lot of information about food on campus. We post when dining halls are closed, when there are deals or specials, and when there are events to receive free items!