Internship in the Office of the Provost

My name is Anthony Russo and I am a student athlete here at Temple University. I was fortunate enough to land an internship this summer in the Office of the Provost working for Jodi Laufgraben. Throughout the summer, myself and the other two interns in the office have had a great opportunity to use creativeness and critical thinking to complete different projects. The most recent on that we did was creating a walking tour for the New Student Athlete Seminar class. We took them around the campus and informed them on what different buildings or areas were about.

We interns thought that this would help out these new students for the first day of classes when they have to go from building to building. This was a way to educate them on the different buildings and areas, but also prepare them for when that first day of classes comes and the campus is filled. Some of the non-building locations we took them was the Founder’s Garden, the Bell Tower, and the Pollet Walk entrance gate which is the official entrance to Temple University. This was a great project for us to work on not just to enhance our creativity but to also help out the next generation of  Temple students.

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