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Hey guys!

So it’s November 15, 2012 and there is not much time left at my internship, which truly makes me a little sad. Working at evoke interaction, a pharmaceutical advertising agency, I have learn so much and also have become friends with many of the employees.

In gathering all the components of my final binder, I have been able to look back at my whole experience at my internship. I have done so many different projects, assignments, and overall accomplished so much more than I have ever expected. Coming into this internship, I was very nervous due to the fact that it was my first one, and also because it was a pharmaceutical company. Although I was nervous, I was able to really become like a member of the team at evoke. It has been a great experience.

I have done assignments in all different departments, which was the best way for me to really see where I could potentially fit in at an agency. I currently am on the account management track at Temple. I now plan to do project managing at an advertising agency and believe that is where I would fit in best.

Being at a pharma advertising agency I can imagine is very different. Pharma is very complicated and at times the work is repetitive but the environment at evoke makes up for that. The number one reason I will truly miss my internship is because of the people that work there. They are awesome. Each of them have their own style, personality and it makes for a great environment to intern at.

As I continue through school, I plan to have at least one more internship. The path that I am going now, I think that pharma will be present in my near future, and I sure hope so. I can only hope that if I do get another internship, it is just as good as this past one.

-Kelly McGarry

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