Internship nearing the end.

So since the semester is almost over, my internship director has given  me the opportunity to come up with my own seasonal event for the company. Cities2night provides over ten different events over the year, from a huge New Years Party to a bowling tournament. The main objective of the project is to give me the creative outlet to not only come up with a seasonal event but plan it, which means decide the budget, venue options, promotional plan etc. While at citien2night, as an intern I was constantly working on events that were already established, while at time this was fun, sometimes I would become bored. Included in this final project, is a final presentation. I am a little nervous to present in front of staff who make it their careers to plan events, especially since I have only been exposed to this field for only 3 months. On the last day of my internship I have to present my overall plan for the entire event. In an earlier post I stated that being at cities2night made me realize how hard and time consuming it can be to plan an event. I am experiencing this now first hand.  It was hard planning an already established events which the budget and venues have already been worked out. Now I have to start from nothing. I have to come up with an great idea that will eventually turn into something that occurs annually. The only issue with this project is the timeline for it. The project was just recently given to me when I only have a couple more weeks left there.   In my opinion the project should have been given to me at the beginning of the semester, so I could have ample time to create something memorable with all the details in order. I guess in a sense this makes you work harder to produce a successful event. It is always necessary to make deadlines, so even if the project was given to me the night before I would try to be prepared to have something to present.

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