Internships & becoming an asset to your organization!

Having real world experience will definitely help me in the long run in achieving career goals.

My name is Divante Bradwell, I am a rising senior studying advertising research & strategy. I am an intern at the Kimmel Center of Philadelphia. I have been here for over 3 months now, and learn something new almost daily.

This experience has taught me that good opportunities like this are hard to come by. When I am in the office I do the best I can to become an asset to them Kimmel Center staff. I make sure I understand deliverables and what is expected of me then take them and knock them out of the park. My boss has days where she is away on conferences and staff devolvement. Instead of taking these days off, I go into the office and pick up tasks from other people in the marketing team. I just recently began working on the official website for the Kimmel Center. This involves going in and editing pages for all of the Kimmel Center and affiliate sites. We use the web sever/content manager called “episerver” where I can go in and create new content, and edit previous pages. Some positive aspects of the business that I discovered through my work here is that business prospers through partnerships and with the help of the community. I met a few people here who have inspired me. Two of them are recent college graduates who work here. Of the two one is a fellow owl, and graduated Spring 2017. I am inspired by these two because both of them started out as interns here and have later found employment. When HR set out to hire new marketing associates, they first thought about their most recent interns. This kind of scenario inspires because I feel as though if I can continue to work hard and be an asset to the company – who knows, I may be a full time employee very soon.

Working in this environment, I am constantly reminded the importance of having an internship. Honestly, I’ve been doing way more here than I have learned in the classroom. Having real world experience will definitely help me in the long run in achieving career goals.

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