Internships & Personal Discoveries

As a college student many people ask what my major is, my answer is Advertising. Most people respond by saying why Advertising. Well I’ll tell you why. I owe it all to Mr. Kendro at Delaware County Community College. He was my Intro to Advertising professor, and he was a real ball-buster. He reminded us of “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” He was arrogant, but he had a lot of experience. He acted as if you could never impress him, so I worked extremely hard to wow him with my projects. When I brought in my final project, (a large folded presentation board), he told me there was no way he was taking that home with him. After I re-sent him my project, he responded by asking if he could keep my project to show as an example for semesters to come. I had done it.

He recommended I attend Temple University, the school he had graduated from. So the following semester I applied and I continued to fall in love with Advertising. I had a professor at Temple, Stefania Patrizio. She pushed me even harder then Mr. Kendro, telling me I not only had to complete projects but I had to create things I believed in and loved. Making assignments even harder. This is what I love about Advertising, it pushes me to the point where I excel.

Now I am working for and I’ve found a new love, The Web. The Web is even more challenging, because no one ever taught me how to use it. I had to figure it all out on my own. Through my internship I have become a problem-solver. Always searching for answers and through that search I am learning every day. I have been inspired to master Social Media as well as the entire Web. This will be my next challenge. Every step of the way I am discovering more of myself and learning everyday. This has been a wonderful experience and I am very grateful for it.

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