Is Radio Still Relevant?

My internship here at Radio One has been a great one. Before working here, I have heard numerous talks of radio being dead. However, working here has taught me that is far from the truth. Radio is an essential part of the media world and plays a huge role on how music is consumed today. Without radio, a lot of our music that is consumed by the masses would be lost in translation. While streaming is a big platform to listen to music too, radio still gives the platform for your mass consumers to listen to music. Working here, I have learned that. Working here, the experience is everything I thought it would be. The environment is fun, creative, and small enough for you to meet everyone. I am getting the full treatment and experience I wanted. I am able to learn everything from the smallest parts of radio to the biggest part. My experience thus far has been amazing and I am excited to see what is to come.

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