Hi blog world, I am a junior at Temple University studying Advertising with a focus on Account Management. Within the past year I have started my first internship at LevLane Advertising Agency.

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Ever since I could remember I was always creating and organizing, from my plastic pencil case in elementary school to making furniture out of clay for my dollhouse.   School was definitely a challenge because I struggled to find my “best” subject and my place. I did the sports, choir and art classes, but I still didn’t know how I could use all those skills and make a job out of it. During my first semester of my freshman year I had an Intro to Media and Society class where everything just made sense. I started to realize my passion in life was building a connection between people and with giving art a purpose. This was advertising and I just fell in love. This now takes me to where I currently am in life…account intern at LevLane! My first internship and the place that let me know that I belong somewhere. LevLane is an office full of cool yet energetic and a bit eccentric people. Everyone in the office is welcoming and really interested in helping you succeed.  They truly fit their motto “Who Love’s Ya?”


Experiences and learning opportunities at LevLane have been abundant. I am lucky enough to work on two clients; one being a national brand, Massage Envy (ME) and the other a local city organization, City of Philadelphia Streets Department (CPSD). These clients have given me insight on how to advertise on a local and regional audience. I am able to make media traffic logs and update microsite’s for ME, then take consumer’s interactions with the brand and analyze the effectiveness of the media plan. With a local client like CPSD, I am able to meet the employees and understand who they are. Then I can use this information to help build their community support.

Some takeaways are to ask questions, but to first “Google it ” as well as proofread everything before you submit it. Lastly, everyone makes mistakes; it isn’t about dwelling on those mistakes, but growing from what you have learned.

Thus far, my LevLane experience has been a great learning opportunity and I look forward to seeing what the rest of my time at LevLane will bring.

Until next time…