It’s All Coming Together

Looking back to who I used to be and who I am now, to the possibilities in my near future

Hello, my name is Adam Grossman and I’m a Senior at Temple University, Klein College of Media & Communication. I’ve been looking back, recently, on how far I’ve come both in life and during my time spent at Temple University. When I originally started out a few years back, I was a PFC fresh out of the Army as a Civil Affairs Operator which translates in the civilian sector as a Public Relations Specialist. I had originally chosen this Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) for reasons that I would be able to have skills, not only in the Army, but outside of it as a Civilian when I completed my contract of service. When I discharged from the Army after 6 years, my life felt unfulfilled. I had some skills that were marketable, but I felt that I wanted/needed more. So, I enrolled myself in my local community college, and embarked upon my next journey of earning my degree that would complete my path, so I could yet again begin as a new person. As time went on, I noticed that I was slowly able to piece together new skills and crafting myself into a new person. Each new skill added to my repertoire made me a much more efficient person than I was before. It was a long process, but good things rarely come to those who want it immediately. It’s part of the fun and the adventure to get out there and recreate myself, picking and choosing different aspects that I want to make my own.

After graduating community college, I still wasn’t satisfied as I had only gained an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences/General Studies. I also had found out during this time that my school, Delaware County Community College, also offered a dual admission. It was a week later that I found out I was accepted to Temple University. This was a very exciting time for me, as I had never really planned to go to a University, but it was necessary if I wanted to be as successful as I desired to be. I know I have what it takes to be successful, to take advantage of the skill and knowledge that Temple has to offer. Looking back now I’m happy I made the decision to continue my path at Temple. From my first semester alone, I found my love for photography. Idk if I ever would have been able to know that I would have an interest in photography if I hadn’t taken the class. I always had known I had a creative streak in me, but it wasn’t until I attended Temple that it was unlocked within me and triggered the inspiration that I received from the professors who work there. I gathered many more skills and passions, adding them to my portfolio of skillsets as each semester was successfully completed. I continued as such until time passed, and I am now in the present day. Presently, I am at the threshold of the ending of my current path. However, it is not truly the ending, while this path of college may end, it will be the beginning of my new career path as an advertising copywriter, for which I cannot wait to complete at the end of this year. It will be when I complete that I will begin anew once again, only this time I will finally have to chance to apply all this knowledge and these skills that I now possess to the career that I will be beginning in 2019. I’m extremely excited and looking forward to all that is coming my way to experience and learn in the near future.

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