Wrapping up my time at Esquire has been so bittersweet.

This summer I worked closely with designer clothes, attended fashion events and photo shoots where I learned roles between fashion directors, designers and stylists. Aside from the glamour, I spent most of my time looking through Esquire reserves dating back to their first issue in 1932, where I pulled information that will be released in Esquire’s upcoming 80th Anniversary issue in October. I’m very excited to see the finished product after focusing so much time on this article!

The hardest part about leaving Esquire is having to leave everyone I met. I’ve built timeless relationships with co-workers and interns that I am devastated to leave but ultimately know I will see in the future!

Thanks Esquire for everything, the last 3 months have taught me so much that I will take with me forever.



Above is a picture of the last night I spent with my friendterns at an Esquire cocktail hour held at the Onassis store in SoHo.


Olivia J. Riordan