“It’s the end of Interning as I know it”

Hello fellow Bloggers,
Shannon Smith here, once again reporting to you live from the internship desk at WMMR radio station, home of the Preston & Steve morning show. Here at WMMR there are many events that are put on throughout the year to help promote the business and fellow partnerships that WMMR is affiliated with. When I first began interning here in January I was put right to work with the account managers in helping put on the cardboard classics. The card board classics is a annual tradition that is put on by the Preston and Steve show and is held every year in March at Jack Frost Big Boulder. The event is put on by several of the many clients that WMMR works with. In order to help make this event happen I was able to work directly with the account managers is helping them with proposals and sponsorships with their clients. The day of the actual event, after waking up extremely early…which i must say was quite difficult…. I was able to sit in the VIP section where I was responsible for taking pictures of the sleds as they come down the hill and I was able to stand with Preston and Steve as the live show was being produced. Once the event was over I was responsible for puling different off air air-checks for different clients and sponsors who were mentioned, as well as making photo recaps for clients such as Coors to present to them the work that they were apart throughout the event. Once that event was over and my duties were completed we immediately began working on our next big event, the MMR B.B.Q. This event has actually not taken place yet but will be held Saturday may 10th at the Susquehanna bank center (tickets are still on sale for you bloggers who may be interested!). This event is once again but on by WMMR the Preston and Steve morning show. Different sponsors and partnerships that the account managers have been working with are all reasons why this event is happening, without them it wouldn’t have been possible. In preparation for this event I was in charge of contacting several local businesses to see if they were interested in working with us to put on this event as well as contacting a photo booth place, and working directly with the manager Bill Burns to organize a seating chart for our clients as well as passing out tickets to clients who were going to be attending the event. It was very insightful and interesting to be in constant motion in hopes to help put on a successful event. It is hard to believe the amount of work that I myself put in, in organizing tickets and trying to find a photo booth company to attend the event. It amazes me how much time and effort is put into putting on an event and how much advertising really does go into everything. Unfortunately it is my last week here at WMMR and i can honestly say that i have had a great time interning here. If i could suggest anything to any of your fellow bloggers it would be to go out there and get involved, without this internship i never would have been able to say that i helped but on two of the biggest events at WMMR even though what i have helped with could have been overlooked or may not have seemed like an important deal, without my contribution the event(s) never would have been able to been put on, and with that I can say i feel accomplished and proud.

Back to you Bloggers,

Shannon Smith

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