JBMP Real Estate Intern

As an intern at JBMP as a leasing agent, I have gained so much from this experience already. Everyday I show over five properties and interact with customers daily, so everyday I get to practice my communication skills, people skills, and my sales skills. This has turned me into a better businesswoman and a communicator. The two owners of the company are super inspiring because they are very young and already are so successful and know how to run a high-quality business. It makes me want to strive to work harder and be successful at a young age. This experience is different from what I thought it would be but in a great way. I am basically out of the office all day which is great because I don’t enjoy office work, but I do wish I got to focus and learn a little more about marketing, sales, and advertising. Every few weeks though we get to listen to speakers or have meetings and work on our sales techniques, how to become a better salesperson, practice our elevator pitches, and more. So while I might not be specifically working with the marketing and advertising section, I am certainly learning everyday. Overall, this internship is a great opportunity and experience for me.

Here is a photo from our company photoshoot.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting internship Samantha! That is awesome that you are getting a hands-on experience at JBMP. Elevator speeches and communication skills are really helpful tools to carry with you throughout your professional career.

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