Just because you’re the intern don’t be just the intern

I have been interning within the sales and marketing department of Fox 29 for about two months and I have learned from my experience there that there are two things to keep in mind when taking an internship, One never underestimate what responsibilities you will be given and Two get to know everyone and push for projects . When first being tossed into my internship within the sales department I was concurred that I wouldn’t be able to show my creativity with Copywriting during my time there till I was asked to write a studio produced :15 spot for wall insulation. Yea, wall insulation isn’t the most exciting thing to write an ad for but the excitement from getting to write copy for an ad that would be produced and aired throughout the tristate area made it that I spent almost an entire day researched and drafting different ways to advertise something thatwas literally just foam. Within an internship no matter what is throw at you and how mundane and unimportant you might “think” it is remember that whoever gave you that project will remember that you are willing to work hard no matter what and will give you more and more work to do within various skill levels and probably remember you down the line if a position opens up.   

Two, don’t be scared of who you’re working for. Yes some of them have been professionals in their field for decades but you are there to help take the burden off of them. Something as simple as having to hole punch and file papers might seem simple to you when it’s your loan responsibility but to them its weight off their shoulders. Now I don’t suggest rushing from office to office first thing at 9:00am when many of the people you are working for are still finishing their coffee and checking E-mail but once the office has settled in see who you can help. Because even if you are met with a friendly “No thanks” you made the effort as opposed to suffering Facebook all day.

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