Keeping in Touch with the Fans

For the summer I decided to take the initiative and suggest to my bosses at Ubiq-Walnut that the store be responsible for its own social networking and website as opposed to the “office” overseeing everything that transpires socially. Interestingly enough they agreed and suggest that since I made the suggestion that I would be the one responsible for contributing to the social media from the store.

The benefits of updating the store’s Twitter, Facebook, Blog, and now Instagram from the store is that customers will be able to see in real time what’s available, when our shipments arrive, talk to the store directly via social media and receive the correct response to their question rather then receive an answer from the office. The problem with communication from the office is that they are unaware of what’s going on inside the store. The are unaware of the flow of traffic, when we actually get the product out of the shipping box and onto the shelves. Sometimes the office may even have a release date wrong. Being able to update the social media from the store also helps to alleviate our phone traffic, such as customers who would only call the store to ask a specific question rather then place an order.

If the business or client you’re working with revolves around a social atmosphere, social media is currently best tool to keeping in contact with consumers about anything. People will check their Facebook and Twitter sooner then they check their emails. We collect emails at the store when customers come to the counter so they can receive weekly email blasts but it’s slowly becoming more evident that customers are already following the store on Twitter or have “Liked” the Ubiq page on Facebook when we suggest that they sign up for the latest news, hence their already getting the same information that’s in the email.

If you’re interested you can follow the Ubiq-Walnut Twitter here at


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