Keeping Social Media Close to Your Brand

Social networking hit its stride in 2002 with the introduction of Friendster. This Internet platform revolutionized the way people communicate, and 13 years later, we’re starting to learn how valuable social media is as a marketing tool. Since smartphones allow us to now stay connected to our social networks 24/7, eyeballs have moved away from traditional media. Now that we’re communicating with our peers in new ways, its natural that advertisers need to adapt and learn to speak to their audiences in new ways. The best advertising is colloquial, and what better place to be colloquial than on social?


Since the digital age is still in its infancy, those of us who are not digital natives don’t necessarily understand how to manage successful social profiles and the best practices related to each individual platform. That’s where ChatterBlast Media (CBM) comes in. ChatterBlast is a social media marketing agency located in Center City, Philadelphia, and I’ve been serving as an intern with them for almost a month now. CBM offers services from social strategy to community management for companies that don’t have the knowledge and resources to get the most out of social.

Serving as an intern at CBM has taught me how all of the different aspects of social come together to create one greater, successful whole. I’ve learned how work flows from the client to the Account Manger to the Creative Team who create blog content that gets pushed out on social platforms to encourage engagement. Advertising on Twitter and Facebook allows CBM to promote its client posts, which leads to account growth in the form of follows, page likes, shares, and an overall increase in engagement. While every client has different business objectives and social goals, one fact remains true for each: if you don’t manage your brand on social media, other people will do it for you. CBM’s work allows businesses to control the conversation that happens around their brand online. Additionally, CBM connects their clients with new ways to target current and potential consumers like never before.

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