Keeping Your Head on Straight Under Pressure

At this stage of my internship I am still working very hard and diligently but not without some current challenges.

My name is Diona Boler and I am currently a Marketing and Communication intern at Visit Bucks County. At this stage of my internship I am still working very hard and diligently but not without some current challenges. My supervisor, who has been a wonderful resource and a business professional I look up to, has unfortunately left the company earlier than anticipated, leaving a vacancy in the line of communication. I now report to the Marketing Director but unlike like my past supervisor I do not get to always see her on my scheduled days in the office so I have found that have to be even more responsible in making sure I communicate any questions for her I may have on an assignment, ask other full-time employees for assistance and advice, I even called a meeting with one of my higher-ups, which as an intern I never thought I would be doing but it made me feel more like a professional!

On top of that challenge, two of the interns in the office had called out over for over week, and one of them had actually unexpectantly quit leaving me to complete their articles on top of the assignments I already have due with very short notice, leaving me a bit swamped in the writing department. I want to say to people who may not enjoy their internship  please be respectful of the other people in office. Assignments do not just disappear because you did, its like any other job; when you feel like your time is up take the time to speak to your boss and put in your 2 weeks. Just because an internship may be unpaid, your actions affect others. I really appreciate this opportunity, I have a lot to prove and I want to get the most out of working experience so I can prove to others that I am a hireable employee when it comes time for me to look for graduate work.

Lastly, something that is sometimes ignored in the working world is taking the time to breath and care for yourself. I personally have a lot to prove to my family and being one of the few members of my family pursuing a college degree. With that being said, I have been working very hard but with my added responsibilities at my internship and my job that I work double and triple shifts whilst taking care of some major finances, I have forgotten that it is ok to slow down a bit. One of my employers did have a chat with me and reminded me that things are getting a bit overwhelming, it is ok to ask for help! With all the turn around happening at VBC its important to remember that the marketing department is a team and we should be able to rely on each other for help with difficult assignments.

So far I have been doing well but I have to say the past few weeks have been challenging in my work and professional life. This is giving me a taste of the real world when things are getting tough you have to be able to work under the pressure and keep my head on straight by putting more responsibility on myself to get things done!

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  1. Hi Diona! It seems as if you’ve got a really good learning experience from this internship. I’ve had similar experiences where my manager went away for a week and I was left to handle and manage all of her day-to-day tasks. Although mine wasn’t nearly as hands on as yours, it seems as if you’re doing your best and are proactive about expressing your concerns and managing all the extra world load. Who knows, maybe they’ll notice all the work and effort your putting and ask you to fill in for the new empty positions! Good luck!

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