Kembrel Experience

I have been interning at Kembrel dot com, which was started by 3
Wharton students in May 2010. The company is an online retailer. During my internship we have opened two retail
locations in Philadelphia with plans to open more.

This September, Professor Kathy Mueller told me about the internship.
And, after e-mails, research and an interview. I got a callback
within three hours. Needless to say, I got the internship of my
dreams. The office culture is extremely fun but I am surrounded by
hard-working brilliant people. Though, many people think that fashion
is for dummies. However, it is a tough industry there is loads of
math, market research, selling, negotiating, public relations and
design work.

After being here for months, I know that I love working in the fashion industry. I found out that they would like me on board for the summer. I am very excited about hearing the great news.

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