Klein Career Fair: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Networking

I’ve been interning with Bravo Group as a communications intern since January 2023.

I’ve been interning with Bravo Group as a communications intern since January 2023. Bravo Group is one of Pennsylvania’s largest PR agencies and has offices in Harrisburg and Wayne. My internship has been hybrid. I’m currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in advertising with a concentration in copywriting and will be graduating in May 2023.

Networking is my own version of hell. And I’m really bad at it. But I realized if I networked more, it’d get easier for me. That’s why I went out of my comfort zone and went to the Klein Career Fair. I wanted an internship where I could put my writing skills to the test. I’m glad I went because I met my future boss at Bravo, and eventually got an internship as the communications intern. 

Bravo has given me invaluable work experience. I’ve worked on eight clients, joined client calls, and wrote blog posts and email campaign launches. Bravo Group has a low hierarchy, meaning you’re free to reach out to anyone in the company. This has been a great opportunity because I feel like a professional working alongside other professionals. From the beginning I’ve been expected to reach out directly to people to get my questions answered, and have been given a lot of responsibility in completing my assignments, especially the writing projects.

If you go to the Klein College Career Center or read any employment coaching blog, everything they say is true. Read the company’s website in advance. Find things you have in common or with which you can connect. Mention these commonalities in the interview. Watch all your dreams come true. 

Maybe not really. But it’s a good place to start.

The best advice I can give: if you wait until after college to find the employers and jobs you like, you’ll be behind someone who did it in college. The more experience you get when you’re younger, the better chance you have at finding a job you like after graduation. It may seem far away if you’re not a senior. But as a senior four weeks away from graduation, it is extremely real. 

A good thing to remember: Being awkward at 21 can be cute. Being awkward at 25+ can never be cute.


  1. Hi Emma!
    First, it is so nice to hear that you are enjoying your internship and getting some really great professional experience. Second, your blog post is extremely relatable. As a senior and an introvert, I also hate networking, but unfortunately for a shy person, it is essential. I really wish I heard your advice a few years ago as an underclassman! I visualize networking as a ladder. You keep making connections and climbing that ladder to the position you have always wanted. I agree that students should start early in the networking game. Those connections will definitely make the post-grad job hunt much easier.

    Best of luck, Emma, and congratulations on all that you have accomplished at Temple and Bravo!

  2. Hey Emma!

    I totally relate to the feeling of networking- it’s always made me feel anxious, and oftentimes I overthink about what to say and what to specifically talk about. In order to combat it, I did what you did and exposed myself to events where I was able to connect with companies. This included attending the Klein Career Fair and workshops where companies would pop up. It definitely takes practice but I know the more we do it, the better we’ll get 🙂 So proud of you and your accomplishments (both personally and professionally). Good luck with everything!

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