My name is Liz Ziegler and I’m currently interning with LevLane Advertising in center city.  I’m working in the traffic/production department. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful here and it’s a great experience.  I recommend to anyone who is looking for an internship.

Something I’ve realized while interning here is you should really know the company you’re interning/working for.  An art director spoke to me about how a fair amount of employees at Levlane are Temple Alumni, which is a great opportunity for fellow Temple students.  Just some advice that I will certainly use for the future is to know your company and who you work with.  It’s so important to gain a relationship with the people you work with because the more willing they will be to teach you their expertise and help you in your future endeavors.

Experience is so important.  Get yourself out there and just throw yourself in the mix. I’m a shy person at first and it takes me a while to warm up to people but in the advertising business you just have to be outgoing.  Being an intern you have to get the most out of your experience and make sure you do all the work to you do to the best of your ability.

LevLane has many clients, one in the mix is Philadelphia Recycling. I wouldn’t be a true intern if I didn’t promote being a fan of ‘Unlitter Us Philly’ on Facebook. So I’ll leave you with that.  Get involved!