Kol Tov! Closing Statements About My Internship

As the semester winded down, there was more work to be done at the National Museum of American Jewish History. As the museum prepared for the holidays, the main focus was on creating fliers for NMAJH’s events and posting holiday items on the site.

Two main things I will take from interning at this museum is the importance of contributing time to the organization you work for. I learned that the more time you put into your work, the better you get at it.  Another lesson I will take with me is the great satisfaction an advertiser can feel from making a good advertising piece that the client loves. The feeling really makes you proud of your own work and abilities.

I hope to keep in touch with all of the great staff I met at NMAJH and hope to be of service to them in the future if they ever need help with their website or with a flier.

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