Kraft Mayo: Sandwich Makeover!

It's homemade so as long as he has his sandwich with Mayo he can be at peace--and be at home anywhere.

I’ve been looking for this spot ever since I saw it months ago. I couldn’t find to save my life until today. Kraft’s “Tastemaker” series is a brilliant idea. This was the first one to come out (“A Space of His Own”) and I saw it one time and one time only (it was condensed). Looking back, I even confused comedian Sherrod Small with another comedian (Donnell Rawlings). As soon as they showed the lame sandwich I already knew where this spot was going. It clicked with me instantly because I’d seen just enough home remodeling TV. Candice Olson looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I spotted her. Kraft’s campaign is similar to Windows 7’s “glorious retelling spots,” but Kraft’s use of the before and after comparisons are much more practical.

It’s a common theme in American relationship culture that a man’s space is always secondary to a woman’s. (see: just about any department store) The cliche is that his woman tries to change him by coercing him into moving all of his guy stuff into the garage (or basement), and then into storage, and finally into the trash. She isolates him from his friends and fills the house up with knick knacks so they won’t even want to come over. The man has few spaces within the home which he can consider his sanctuary. It’s interesting that now his sanctuary (barring cars/bikes) can be taken anywhere. It’s homemade so as long as he has his sandwich with Mayo he can be at peace–and be at home anywhere.

Have a look at another Mayo spot from a woman’s perspective.

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