Kuwaiti in Philadelphia

Where I work!
Where I work!

Hello fellow advertisers. My name is Latifah Alrasheed and I am an international student from Kuwait. I am interning at Financial Integrity Resources Management, LLC. Also known as FIRM. The CEO and owner of FIRM contacted me after attending the international Career-link event at Temple hoping to get my first advertising internship and I was lucky to be chosen as the marketing and advertising intern at FIRM.

Being an international student is not easy. living in a whole new culture thousands of miles away from your family and friends. Where you must learn to be responsible and independent after just graduating from high school. But after a while you get used to it. the people and the city and you start to feel like you belong there. That is how I felt being an international student in Philadelphia and I was worried that I might have to go through it all over again when I start working. Luckily it was not as intimidating as I thought it would be. The people I work with are actually very friendly and I’m glad they chose me to work with them.

A little brief about where I work. FIRM is a financial services company located in Center City, Philadelphia with offices in New York City and Baltimore. Interactive media has been my favorite part in advertising. Having the chance to apply what I have learned and still learning at Temple is a great opportunity to see how businesses can offer more convenience to customers which can help them grow better their business. I have also been working with a non-profit organization called William Penn Development Coalition “WPDC” that FIRM is also contributing in. WPDC goal is to reopen William Penn High School that is now open for sale. I’m helping WPDC through managing events, meetings and media coverage as well as social media to raise awareness to people in Philadelphia on how important the school is to the community and the young generation in Philadelphia. So far my work at FIRM has been a great experience and I wish to continue working in the advertising field.

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