Last day at Allied-THA

Today was the last day that I interned for Allied-THA and my supervisor Chris Sammon. Throughout this internship I have been fortunate enough to learn many skills that I will use in my future profession. I’ve learned research tips, created contact lists, managed the company billing, purchased radio spots, and made some new friends. This internship was an amazing experience, and I’m glad I decided to do it instead of DEC. I really feel like I am more prepared for what I will be experiencing in only a few weeks. Although I won’t receive a job from this internship, due to a lack of positions available, I know that I will have a great work reference for future job interviews. I absolutely recommend everyone to be involved in an internship some time during their college years. The knowledge and experience I gained couldn’t be replaced. Allied-THA is a great company with very friendly employees, and I would recommend interning there to anyone. One step closer to the real world!

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