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Well, my Philly Bass’d Entertainment internship has come to an end having completed the required 150 hours (wow, it goes fast!) Being my first internship, I am so happy with the experience and working with smart and talented interns and managers.  I designed more projects than I ever thought I would and now am ready to look for new opportunities in the creative field of advertising. I will be graduating in January and I can’t wait!

Last days are always emotionally all over the place for me. I am happy that it’s over and feel good about what I’ve contributed, but sad to say goodbye to the people I have met and am hopeful that one day I will have the pleasure of working with them again.

I have put in a lot of graphic design hours at PBE doing logo design, brochures, promotional materials, stickers, posters, book jackets, and album design. I was really happy to work at a company that has roots in the music industry here in Philadelphia. My favorite things to create are event posters for concerts and other shows. It’s a chance to really let your creativity flow, which is something I will definitely miss when going to an agency and designing for companies: big, small, pharmaceutical? I get the feeling that work will become a little more restrained, but I always find a way to have fun with a project.

So here is the last thing I want to say to my fellow interns whom I will miss:

Zach: You’re a good guy and one of the first people I talked to at PBE. You work hard and still know how to have fun and joke around. I think you are always looking for something new to learn, whether it is music, public speaking, writing, design…you will find your thing and be a success-it’s just who you are.

Charles “Mr. OTG”: Thank you for everything. You are the hardest working person there and it shows, believe me. Not only that, but you’re smart, driven, and I see you doing big things. Keep it up and keep in touch.

Charles “Sherlock”: Yesterday is the most we talked to one another and I am glad we did. I meant everything I said about being way too smart and talented. I can’t wait to see what you do in the future. Oh, and thanks for the ride!

Chris: You sure brought the filmmaking talent. I am glad we met and had some good conversations. I look forward to collaborating with you on a project soon.

Dee: You sat next to me and I unplugged your laptop and we didn’t talk too much. I was just glad there was another girl there with me so thank you for being there and thank you for the donuts! You are way too nice.

One last person I want to talk about is Linda Murray. She just might be the most positive thinking person I know. She also heads the intern program there. She really made me feel at home and comfortable while at the same time being professional and really caring about the experience of all the interns at PBE. It was my last day yesterday and I didn’t get to finish a brochure for her. I told her I would keep working on it even though I’m technically finished with the program. Sure, I could not be bothered with it, but it’s something I WANT to do…I think that says something.


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