Laughing While Learning with the Braithwaite Crew

I began interning at Braithwaite Communications at the end of August.  Braithwaite is a Branding, PR and Marketing firm located at 1500 Walnut St.  I took on a confidential crisis project on my first day and from then on I knew that I wouldn’t be doing any irrelevant work.  The Account Executives are great at what they do and their great habits of doing their job efficiently and following with their clients has rubbed off on me.

Let me give you all a view into an average day working under one of the most respected men in the PR world, Hugh Braithwaite, CEO of Braithwaite Communications.

  • I get to work by subway every Tuesday and Thursday by  9 am.
  • As soon as I walk in the door, I grab my intern journal(all 5 of us interns have one) and say good morning to the Account Executives and the Office Director.
  • I then go to my laptop and check the emails. (Our laptops are a little out of date but they get the job done!)
  •  I then begin to look on Mashable, PR Daily, Adweek and Adage for important material that I can use for our daily social media posts. (We need to have 3 Tweets, 3 Google + posts, 1 Facebook and 1 Linkedin.)
  • In between finding these, I go around and ask the Account Executives if there is any work that they need help with.
  • I also follow up on recent projects that I was assisting them with to see if there is anything that I can still help with and to see the final product that was shown to the client.(This is always fun because you get to see how your research, media lists, and follow-up calls helped satisfy the client)

Throughout the day, I will have anywhere from one day long project to several projects that can take up any amount of hours.  I enjoy working on projects because it gets my hands dirty in the industry work and it keeps me busy!  Don’t get me wrong, I also have to run errands but I don’t mind because it is all part of the job.  The Account Executives are full of jokes and the open office setting gives you a homey feel and everyone makes you feel welcome.  Having this internship thus far has shown me a lot about not saying no to the client and doing your research to suit the client’s needs.  The majority of my projects consist of doing research and compiling data lists and spreadsheets and this helps me to become familiar with all sorts of media outlets.

I have found that working for Braithwaite Communications has taught me a lot about the value of learning the answers to everything.  It has also helped me during my school work at Temple because I know exactly where to go to find the information I need for graded projects.  I have learned that the world of Advertising is connected in the sense that money needs to be made and we all have our role to play within an agency to make this happen!  Braithwaite has taught me a lot and I look forward to interning at another agency this Spring so that I can take away even more experiences as time goes on.

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  1. Nice! It’s interesting hearing about your experiences on the business end of things. That whole side is a mystery to me. At the agency I intern at we’ve got a couple of account interns too, although I never see them. Nice to know you guys are yuckin’ it up as much as we are on the creative end!

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