Law And Order

It sounds ironic to take a creative break from creative work, but it is not an uncommon occurrence at Crossmedia in Philadelphia. One day this semester, I was asked by the team at Crossmedia if I wanted to watch Law and Order with them. I thought it was some sort of inside joke that I wasn’t aware of. As it turned out, it was not a joke and it was a really fun “creative break” that the staff occasionally took.

In a similar manner to Mystery Science Theatre, we would get together, put an episode of the show on the television, and mute the volume. Then, we would all take turns describing the scene, say what we thought the actors were saying, and essentially recreate the storyline of the episode. Everyone involved in this always seemed to be having a great time with the activity.

The result of this seemed to be twofold. It managed to relax the staff in a fun way and kept everyone thinking about what they were going to contribute to the story. It also was a great way to get the staff together and have fun as a team, building camaraderie. Even though this served as a break from work, it was not a break from inspiring creativity. It was very fun getting to experience activities like this and see how companies can integrate creative breaks into a work day. law

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