Learning Experience at Phillybass’d.

My experience a Phillybass’d Entertainment has taught me the importance of being critiqued. Before coming to my internship the only creative work I was working on would be for class assignments and that only entailed me turning in assignments and receiving grades. In the classroom I did not go through the constant trial and error stages that I received at my internship. One of my last assignments I had to do for my internship was to create a logo to accompany a book that one of Philybass’d’s client will soon be releasing. I started off with a simple idea to make the letter “U” out of hands. I worked on this logo for about two weeks. I received feedback and critique every step of the way. It helped me take criticism, work from it and create an even better idea. It also taught me to not become too attached to my work. In the beginning I was frustrated because I worked so many hours on creating the logo just so that I would have to be changed. I now understand that in advertising ideas can change often and that I cannot take critique as a personal attack on my work. It is only helping me get better and helping the client get closer to their goal.

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