Learning to Navigate the Professional World

College is tough, but the workforce is a whole different ball game.

College is tough, but the workforce is a whole different ball game. My name is Ria Dave and I’m a junior Advertising major at Temple University. Temple has significantly prepared me for my internship and career. I’ve taken a number of classes that have given me insight into what the advertising and social media industry require. These range from Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing to Digital Design Tools and Personal Branding. 

My time with Webryact started in 2021, with my position primarily being graphic design. I would worked closely with clients and create the logos they envisioned. This part of my internship was extremely helpful in gaining my foothold as a freelancer. My bosses helped me navigate my rates, how to interact with clients, and how to manage multiple projects simultaneously. I began with smaller projects, business cards and photo editing, but I grew into executing logos for real businesses and expanding my professional portfolio. 

For a short period of time I was enlisted to help in a social media marketing project with one of my bosses. This experience was extremely educational. I learned what goes into managing a business’ social media, especially in an industry foreign to me. This era consisted of a lot of research and copywriting, two skills I never invested time into developing. My Social Media Marketing class was especially useful for this job. I earned my Social Marketing and Hootsuite Platform certifications and was able to bring those to the table. I’m grateful for what I learned during that project, especially now as I’m making concrete decisions for my future.

My internship at Webryact was valuable and helped me evolve into the young professional I always aspired to be. I feel more confident than I ever have to enter this new career focused era of my life.

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