Hi, I’m Kaiya Harrell, an Advertising major with a concentration in Brand Strategy and Research. I am currently a Marketing and Promotions intern for Temple Athletics. Throughout the semester, a handful of interns, student workers and I had the opportunity to research and create different marketing and promotions for Temple Athletics. During my time at Temple Athletics, I learned all the behind the scenes “tricks” that go into game day operations and everything through the end of games. Through my supervisor, I learned what marketing engagements worked for each sport and how to utilize them for maximum results.

In contrast to my previous internship at Sephora, I stepped out of my comfort zone to try something new with Athletics! The one thing that helped me make the most out of my internship was, being myself. Often times people get so caught up and nervous about being in a professional setting it results in them being shy or timid. When first starting your internship I recommend acting like a “sponge.”  Pay attention to the smallest details, absorb all of the information given to you and as the internship progresses, try to implement in your daily functions. Eventually it will become second nature building knowledge and the validity of the experience. Take this time as a learning opportunity so you can apply it to your next job or you might even be able to use it in your studies. If you have an idea always speak up, because the idea you have may not have been thought of by anyone else in the room. Lastly, flowers do not pick themselves so make the best of your opportunities, always!