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Before stepping into LevLane Advertising’s Media department, my expectations for  being responsible for the creation of a segment of a media plan were minimal. Shortly into the internship I was given the assignment of contacting radio stations located in Chicago, to help develop a media schedule for a client located in the major city of Illinois. I set out on the task of locating a Nostalgic radio format in the Chicago area that covered three counties, in and including the surrounding area of Chicago I began making several phone calls to different stations I found through sources provided from the client and stations found online. It didn’t take long to run into problems finding the “perfect” station that fit the target demographic and provided a wide enough coverage area, not to mention it took 5-10 phone calls before I was able to contact the ad manager of each station. Unfortunately, the information obtained through the research showed that there weren’t any stations in the area that combined both the demographic and geographic information of the target audience we had in mind for the campaign. It is important to remember that every idea won’t be right for your client , unless you have the budget to go outside the ordinary, tactical, well organized media planning may be the smartest route to go.


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