LevLane: Social Media

Because social media is becoming such a widespread medium for advertising, I have been doing quite the bit of research on how to reach clients and consumers via social networking. The main client I have been doing this for is Beneficial Bank, one of LevLane’s biggest clients. Although I don’t enjoy doing research for obvious reasons, I have learned so much about how to target certain demographics. I have learned that the right copy, along with the right visual, and the right incentives is what attracts people to join company’s twitter pages and become their fans on facebook. Many people might wonder “why would I want to be a bank’s friend on facebook, twitter, or linked in?” The answer is quite simple: you receive first hand opportunities for things like free checking accounts, free event tickets. Let’s just say they’re giving away a lot of things for free. So my advice to the world is, be friends with companies because they give away a ton of free stuff.

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