Life of a Pharma Intern!

This summer I had the opportunity to be an Intern at Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide, in their Speciality Marketing department. Specialty Marketing specializes in Oncology and Hep C related drugs. I am one of 13 interns! Working at Ogilvy CommonHealth has been such an amazing experience. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help. I’ve attended status meetings, finance meetings, and concept meetings. Having the opportunities to go to these meetings makes it really helpful in learning how an agency runs. You can only really see how different departments like creative, traffic, copy, and account work together by seeing it first hand. Being in the traffic department also helps because you are constantly making sure jobs get from one department to the next and making sure timelines are met. I’ve learned so much in the weeks I’ve spent here that I can take this knowledge with me throughout my career. It is really interesting to see things you learn in classes taking place in the real world. I had the privilege of going to a lunch and learn for grad student interns, where they had people from each department discussing their part in the completion of a job they were using as a demonstration. The woman in interactive was talking about the scope and wireframes, which is something I learned in my interactive class.

One of the other opportunities I had, was to go take a tour of a printing plant. We got to see all the different size printers that would be used depending on the size of the piece. My favorite was the wide printers which they use for billboard type pieces! During our tour we stopped in the ink section and learned how they match colors to what the client needs or wants according to logos. After they mix the colors they keep samples of them along with numbers of where to locate them in the office. At the time, he had mixed over 2,000 different colors. While the company we went to was only a medium size company, they still had some top brand clients. We saw prints from H&M and Tiffany’s Jewelry. This particular company is also a printing vendor that we use at Ogilvy CommonHealth.







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