Long interesting meeting.

Hi again,

Today I sat in on my first meeting on the top floor. This meeting was about the new stance FHB has on one of their long term clients, ABC fine wines and liquors. FHB has been the ad agency for them for more than 15 years now and have had some limitations on what they could and could not do especially considering the online aspect of the campaign. The major problem with the website, that we found out, was the problem with the key words coming up with the search engines. It wasnt that the web page didnt have good content, no, it was that the information was imbedded. So if you know anything about web design this is a no no. If you have an imbedded pdf file on your web page it will not show up in the traditional keyword search as used in search engines such as google.

Later in the meeting we talked about how ABC Liquors was in a great spot years ago being one of the only quality liquor stores around. While now they have to compete with the grocery stores and the specialty “bulk store/distributors. The grocery stores have convenience on their side while the bulk stores have the perceived low prices. What we at FHB want to do is make the perception fall right in the middle of that. This will make the image clear of convince with savings, while also gaining expertise when the consumer buys.


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