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Growing and opportunities brewing at lululemon !!!

This summer, I have been fortunate enough to intern for lululemon athletica. I was first hired as an Educator at the Walnut Street location in February. After expressing interest in growth within the company, I slowly started working with several management teams at my location.

Working as an intern for lululemon has taught me that it is possible to combine my passions for advertising and wellness and health. lululemon has introduced me to a huge realm of amazing individuals in the fitness community of Philadelphia. Whether they are instructors, athletes, or marketers, I have had such a pleasure sweating along side some of the most influential people in Philadelphia.

As Educators, we are encouraged to live #TheSweatLife, and try new workouts and studios. One of the most impactful sweat sessions that I had was at SoulCycle in Ardmore, PA. Within 45 minutes, I felt my entire body come alive. I left the studio with a certain euphoria, which I had never sensed before.

In March 2017, SoulCycle Rittenhouse Square opened. The management from the Ardmore location reached out to lululemon Educators and expressed employment opportunities before making the positions public. I have since been interning for lululemon and working as a Front Desk Assistant at SoulCycle. I am grateful for the connections lululemon has given me, and I am now more interested in marketing positions at SoulCycle Corporate in New York.

My experience at lululemon has been so much more than I had originally thought. I began working with the Community Team at Walnut Street when our first ever Advertising campaign launched. Named This Is Yoga, lululemon’s main intention was to spread the core of yoga. Each store was encouraged to incorporate the campaign at a local level. All stores in the North American region received window decals to display.

During our Community Team meeting at Walnut Street, I saw an opportunity to set our store apart. I came up with the idea to display every Educator in our store – including a photo, a blurb of what the campaign means to them, and a line mentioning what they are in the practice of. Our Visual Merchandising Team posted photos of this project to our internal forum, and it caught the attention of members at our corporate offices in Vancouver.

After reaching out to our Store Manager, they featured our project, region, store, and names, on a weekly newsletter called “The Juicy Goods.” Read by every Educator in the North American region, this type of exposure has certainly shown me how effectively hard work can pay off. 

I am excited to continue growing both at lululemon and SoulCycle, and see what is brewing for me in the upcoming year. 

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  1. Nicolas,
    I’ve heard such great things about working for lululemon and your post only adds to them! Being such a large company, they serve as an amazing connection into the exercise and lifestyle industry. It’s great that you’ve already been able to find work with similar companies that also interest you. Also, it’s really cool that you’ve been able to offer suggestions and make positive changes within lululemon. Good luck with everything!

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