Maebe Cloth

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I guess my last semester is getting the best of me! That is no excuse though, since posting about art is way more fun for me than final exams/projects.

I have to post about this new clothing company that I am extremely proud to introduce because they are two of my very best friends.

Ladies and gentleman, I introduce to you MAEBE CLOTH. I have had the pleasure of watching this project unfold and never had a doubt in my mind that it wouldn’t be good. Maybe (no pun intended) I’m just bias, but their hard work looks amazing.

MAEBE CLOTH is an American clothing company that is built on hard work, sentiment, and freedom. We are dedicated to producing quality products, using local materials and producing everything by hand. Every wallet is crafted by hand and each shirt is screen printed in our shop, on American made cloth. We believe in the freedom to create and produce. That is what drives us.”

So I recommend you buy one of their pieces.

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