Maiden Media: Small Agency Experience

This week will mark my final week at my internship as an account manager for Maiden Media. This was my first internship experience and I can say that it will be one I will value for a long time and never forget. For those of you who haven’t read my previous posts or are unfamiliar with Maiden Media, they are a start up interactive ad agency who just celebrated their 1 year anniversary this past October. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of Maiden for the semester. And when I say a part of, I really mean it. My experience there was spent feeling like a member of the actual team. I wasn’t expected to do mindless tasks like filing or running errands, instead I was treated as a real member by being in charge of tasks, assiging tasks, and speaking with clients. I can say that I had a real hands on experience in the account management department and that my contributions were considered and appreciated.

I liked that my first internship was at a startup like Maiden. Everyone working at Maiden is between the ages of 23-25 which is something unique to note. It’s obvious to see that these young professionals are determined and dedicated to success by all that they have accomplished this far. Making the move to Philadelphia from new jersey, landing an plentiful amount of clients, and winning an awesome award are just to name a few. I enjoyed seeing the struggles and successes they have been experience as they try to make big name for themselves as the best interactive advertising agency. Being new to both the advertising industry as a company and to Philadelphia, it was interesting and full-filling to see Maiden working from the ground up. I had such a positive experience interning with such great people. I know that they are only on their way up from here, and I can’t wait to see the future success that awaits them. I know that this small agency will make it to a very large one, all it will take is some time.

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