Making Shift Happen: How an internship taught me that there is always value in the new and unexpected.

What does it mean to be an agent of change?

What does it mean to be an agent of change? Are you a go-getter? An innovator? My definition is a team of 25 individuals, who are dedicated to one thing – Making shift happen. As a small agency that deals with medical device and diagnostic equipment, VIVO agency is the voice devoted to shaking up the HealthTech market. There’s no denying that marketing transformation is failing to keep pace with shifting healthcare dynamics.
At VIVO, however, they see opportunities where most see obstacles. And they’ve made it their mission to help harness the power of change — for the better.

Upon my first day in office, I could smell the ambition in the air. As a copywriter intern, I was overwhelmed, but confident in my abilities. The team was small in stature, but their ideas had no ceiling. Their hearts are in it to win it all. They know their customers better than any other agency. That’s the foundation of their ability to create value propositions, brand identity, and creative concepts that will make their client’s products must-have for target audiences. By focusing our full-service capabilities exclusively on this industry, VIVO has progressed into a multi-million dollar agency. From breast reconstruction equipment and contact lenses; to recovery processes for amputees and athletes, VIVO has helped more than 80 companies navigate the shifting landscape of today’s market and come out ahead of the pack.

By never settling for the common denominator, VIVO separates itself from the rest. By always driving forward and never giving a client a replica of something they have already seen, they continuously push the dial on what should be expected of an agency in their space. VIVO is a real change agent. Full of innovators and risk-takers, the team prides itself on striving for one goal – to make shift happen.

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