Marketing and Communications Intern

My name is Tiffani Quang and I am a current senior at Temple University. I am majoring in Advertising (Account management concentration). I am working at an Assurance company called Lombard International. My title is Marketing and Communications Intern.

This experience has taught me that life in the corporate world is about connections. Making connections with your co-workers, your boss, and the surrounding people are important. Working in a cubicle and working on PowerPoint presentations is not the most exciting, but it does teach you the in and outs of PowerPoint (and other Microsoft suite applications). There is much more to it than people assume.

I currently work with my supervisor that handles the marketing and communications for the company. She makes the information that her superiors hand to her, look better in a presentation. She would give me some projects to help with as well. Our marketing department often work with InDesign, PowerPoint and Canva. I also work with the department that handles legal compliance to run through the database for politically exposed people. I realized that I like working on the communication side of my duties. In the beginning of the internship, I was working with my boss on helping plan the conference. I wasn’t able to attend because the conference landed right when spring break fell, and I already booked plane tickets. I helped plan a happy hour for people in our New York office. It was fun to look at the surrounding areas and restaurants that have special deals for corporate events.

I met a coworker, and she inspired me to do what I want to do with my life. She didn’t expect anything from the job she has. She was a salesperson. The company got a new CEO and he randomly picked her to help him with everything he needed, like an assistant. She still doesn’t know to this day why he picked her but she couldn’t be happier. She wasn’t expecting anything big but life throws these curve balls and sometimes it works out for the best.

I wish I could have more hands on experience. Being an intern, there isn’t much to do unless your boss or supervisors gives you something to do. Probably, half of the day would be doing homework or other duties. I wish I got to plan more of the events that the companies hold.

This is my first office job. I learned how to use copiers/printers. I learned how to act in an office and how to dress. I was concerned with the office dress code but I am more comfortable now. Men have it easy where they wear dress shirts and pants. Women have more possibilities with office fashion and that is what I appreciate. It isn’t as strict as people think it is. As long as you look nice and there is not too much skin showing, basically anything is fine.

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