Marketing to Sales: A Shift in Perspective

What I have learned in this role switch was that you can take learned skills and truly place them into any area.

This summer, I had my second and most beneficial internship. Working for the fortune 500 company “Toll Brothers” as a copywriter taught me not only professional skills, but also life skills that I will take with me on this long journey. Although I loved the marketing department, I had an intuitive feeling that I could succeed even more in the sales department. I decided to reach out to the HR team that I developed a personal relationship with over the course of my internship. Within a week, they set me up with an interview with a sales president, and I had a new internship the next day.

Although I had coursework in marketing and copywriting, I had no idea what to expect in the sales game. However, my first first day, I started piecing together what I learned from marketing and copywriting, and I leveraged those skills into my real estate sales interactions. What I took from copywriting to sales was word choice, efficiency, and delivering in a creative way. Often, a potential home buyer doesn’t want to hear the tape-recorder sales pitch. It is important to make each engagement personal to each potential buyer, and word choice is key in those situations. The other thing that I learned is delivering in a creative way. If I was cold calling leads or giving interested buyers home tours, I made sure I stayed creative in my delivery. I always tried to tie together both the consumers emotions, desires, and wants, into the pitch for our homes.

What I have learned in this role switch was that you can take learned skills and truly place them into any area. Nothing in a professional career is going to be directly by the book, implementing skills in a textbook fashion. It’s all about looking at each task with a different perspective, and incorporating your own personal skills into the job. By incorporating everything you have learned so far in live into whatever roll you are doing, you present yourself in a very natural way and instill confidence in yourself.

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