Mean Girls Event at Macy’s

I'm a marketing and promotions intern at Allied Global Marketing.

I’m a marketing and promotions intern at Allied Global Marketing, in center city Philadelphia. On Wednesday, November 20, 2019, Macy’s Philadelphia hosted an event for the Kimmel Center’s next show, Mean Girls. If you at least haven’t seen the Mean Girls movie, you’re most likely living under a rock. It’s a hilarious, dramatic, but lesson-learning film. Put those three into a live performance, then you’ve got yourself an entertaining hour and a half. Although musicals and shows aren’t my thing, I’ve grown a newfound acceptance for these performances and am amazed at the amount of people who love to attend them. The day started with a bunch of Instagram influencers joining our marketing team to post pictures and videos of the Mean Girls banner informing them that the show is available for two weeks so get get tickets. Then, the three main characters of the show came and took pictures with the Macy’s staff, influencers, and customers. NBC10 came and interviewed the stars, and asked them what they’re favorite parts of visiting Philadelphia is so far. Overall, it was a great experience and nothing like I imagined. Again, I knew nothing about live shows, musicals, or plays, and this wasn’t how I pictured my internship to be at all, but I’m happy I was able to gain such knowledge and great experiences. When I’m not doing market research, I love joining the team into events like this. What a good one this was!


  1. I think that this is an interesting experience. Internships give you opportunities to network with industry professionals and professionals in other fields like theater in your case. I think that the variety of experiences that internships can bring you is the best part.

  2. Hi Thomas! First off – I love Macy’s in Philadelphia so I just had to comment on your experience with working with their staff, as well as your internship! The fact that you didn’t know your internship was going to go down this route is what I think is what is so amazing about interning for marketing and promotions. You never know what your day will be like, whether it’s putting together Instagram influencers to promote a show or anything else! I’m so glad it was a great experience even though you don’t like musicals and shows. I think that experience you got working with Allied Global Marketing as well as the event – you will remember for a lifetime.

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