Meetings, Powerpoints, Calls Oh My

My time at TD has been so eventful

My time at TD has been so eventful and I have been enjoying it so much! I am learning how to do things in the real world and it is actually similar to my college experience. I am excited because I am working on a bunch of new projects and helping out a bunch of different people in different positions. This is allowing me to really see the whole bank and everyone’s position. Something that I am doing every week is a competitive analysis for my boss. I give him a deck of what people in the industry are doing just so he can have an overview.

This experience has taught me to just be open to everything and ask questions. If you want to know more about someone’s job, ask it. I have had meetings with so many different people who I just ask to put me on projects they are working on if they need help. My experience is a lot different than I thought it would be. Because it is a bank, I thought it would be very serious. It is serious and everyone is very good at what they do, but people are witty and funny and make coming to work everyday really enjoyable. I have gained time management skills and gotten out of my shell a lot more. I really ask a question if I don’t have the answer, and this has really helped me.

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