My name is Kelsey McGill and I am currently a junior interning with ChatterBlast this spring as their Strategy and Research intern! ChatterBlast is located in The Philadelphia Building right off of Walnut and Broad; just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Walnut-Locus subway station. There are currently 6 other interns working alongside me this semester including 2 graphic designers, a copywriter, a videographer, an account manager, and an analytics intern.

Below I created a list of 7 skills and knowledge I have gained from this internship that doesn’t include your typical resume-building skills that are promised when applying for internships!


  • Communication Skills – Formal & Informal:


Although this can be a generic skill many internships offer as part of the experience gained, I find this to be slightly different especially for my position. I feel as though this position helped me to learn how to communicate and organize my thoughts in both a formal and informal setting. Communication is such an important part of working in an agency or alongside a team. My day to day tasks were constantly changing so I worked with a different team almost every day! It forced me to break out of my introverted shell and become more comfortable going up to various teams and sharing research or work I had done.


  • Networking & Relationship Building:


This is quite an obvious one but it is SO important and highly underestimated! Every single worker at ChatterBlast has worked somewhere before coming here or went to school with someone who works in a different agency! Either way, connecting with advertising and marketing professionals is the best way to find a common connection that could maybe get you that internship you’ve been looking for or maybe get you the job of your dreams! Everyone is willing to help because they were in your shoes at some point and know the struggles of trying to make a name for yourself.


  • Street Knowledge:


Honestly, I was disappointed in myself for not having the street knowledge I thought I had before coming here! Growing up right outside Philly I had traveled here countless times and felt like I had a strong grasp on the ins and outs of Philly. I was wrong. Working here 3 days a week had me traveling back and forth from Center City to Temple’s campus with public transportation. I used to take Uber’s and Lyfts everywhere for the simplicity of it but it is all around cheaper, easier, and in most cases faster to just take the subway to avoid traffic. Over the course of the short amount of time I have been here, I’ve already grasped the ins and outs of public transportation as well as a general understanding of the layout of Philly.


  • Good Eats & Not So Good Eats:


The best part about being in Center City, in my opinion, in the FOOD! There are endless food options everywhere you look. You know it’s lunchtime in the office when the air fills with so many mouth-watering smells. It is so much fun hearing about all the different places everyone loves going to and learning about the best eateries in the city. I’ve already started creating a list of places I plan on eating and trying out myself.


  • Writing Skills:


This is another skill many internships include in their job description but I feel as though my writing skills have gotten better in a unique way. I’ve had to write-up presentations on research, strategy, and social media audits for all kinds of clients. Some having a strong knowledge of the industry, some have a tiny bit of knowledge, and some having absolutely no clue what Snapchat even is! So I’ve learned how to change my writing to cater to the client and adjust my style and language to fit in with the environment of the project.


  • Confidence:


Interning at ChatterBlast has given me a small boost of confidence in many ways. It has given me the confidence that I was lacking in my work and my experience. I know I am a good student and I know I always put my best work forward but I was lacking the confidence of making sure others knew the extent to my work as well. My internship helped give me that little confidence boost to appreciate my own work and make sure others appreciate it just as much.


  • Dropping the Fear of Asking for Help


I remember, even at a young age, how much I hated asking people for help. I would always feel like a bother and a nuisance but I learned to move past that fear. Whether I’m asking for help on work for my internship or for help outside the office, everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand.

I couldn’t be happier to have received this wonderful opportunity to intern for ChatterBlast and I am eternally grateful for everyone who made this opportunity more than just an internship!