More than just an internship

I’m Kala and I decided that I would go back to my hometown and intern at the Sapphire Salon and Spa. At first, all I thought I would be doing is sitting behind a computer designing ads while also learning all about advertising. That wasn’t the case.

My supervisor, Angie, has me not only making ads, but also involved in a lot of other projects. Father’s Day is coming up and I got to set up a display in front of the store that would showcase the products that I featured in my campaign. This was something I enjoyed because I got to use my skill in design and portray it in another way. Another opportunity I had was to sit in on a makeup class to take pictures for the salon’s Facebook page. First, I was happy that film photography class that I took finally came in handy. Second, I realized how applying makeup and design are so closely related.

From the very first day I was learning more about myself than I had in my past 21 years of life. All of these things that I thought were just hobbies are things that are helping me excel in my internship. Obviously, I wouldn’t put ‘display maker’ on my resume quite yet, but I feel like it’s an added kick that can set me apart from someone else. I’m glad I took this internship and can’t wait to see what more I will discover.


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