Of course a huge part of a job is the pay. You want to be able to pay your bills and have some money to spend too.
As I’m getting closer to graduation, closer to job hunting and closer to those dreadful student loans, I can’t help put to think about money. I don’t want to be in debt until I retire, but I also don’t want to work a job that I hate just because it pays well. I want to work at a place where I actually don’t mind going to. I want to be at a place with great company culture. That isn’t something I’ve put much thought into until now. At Brownstein Group, a good company culture is one of their biggest assets. BG recently just won an award for Best Places to Work for the second year in a row and that is because of its awesome culture. BG is a family-owned company, so there is a family-like atmosphere in the office. Everyone is super friendly and always there to help with anything. It is easy to go up to someone and ask them a question or for advice on something.
The vertical relationships are great as well. The high ups are easy to talk to and always there to help. The owner is usually in the building somewhere and you can approach him about anything.
BG has created a great environment when it comes to both work and play. BG has some big name clients and has high standards with their work. So all of the employees work hard and create awesome work to show. But BG also knows that their employees are human beings with other things going on in their lives besides just work. There is unlimited paid time off because BG believes that a healthy personal/social life is a big part of a healthy and successful work life. There are times when you just need a day off or a mini vacation and as long as you get your work done on time and to the best it can be, then you should be able to take that time.
I talked to one of the employees about what it’s like getting into the advertising industry, etc. He has been doing this for 12 plus years and the one thing he stressed was that the money does not help when you really don’t like your job. He said he has made a significant amount of money at previous agencies, but he chose to come back to BG because he loves working here.
So as you start your job hunt, make sure to look past the money and think if the company’s cultural, morals and atmosphere are right for you.