More Words of Wisdom Hung On The Wall

If there is one thing that I have learned during my internship at Quaker City Mercantile, it is to be ready for anything. Whether this is the nature of an internship or working at an advertising agency, it is a helpful tidbit to remember. I never really knew what to expect when I walked into the glass doors of QCM and I liked that. No two days were the same and it kept my days fresh and interesting.

Whether I’d be digging through the stock room discovering lost ad treasures or attending a beer launch party, Quaker City Mercantile presented me with numerous situations that I then had to confront and adjust to. Making deliveries, working with deadlines, writing copy for internationally known brands, and conducting brand research were all activities that I partook in. It has been awesome.

From my previous post you might remember the large words of wisdom that Quaker City Mercantile has hung on their walls. Well, another wise blurb of wall art reads, “Hang in there”. For some, it may seem a bit grim. The notion of just fighting it out at work a bit longer might not be so appealing. But for others, like myself, it comes across as more inspirational. To me, a scrappy college student fighting for a position within the world of advertising, it seems more like a mantra. It’s become a battle cry to remember when applying for jobs within this cruddy economy within a competitive field.

In closure, my experiences at Quaker City Mercantile have been fantastic. I learned a lot and now have some real, professional experience under my belt. So, my advice to any of you out there who might be a bit glum on their own professional horizons, Hang in there.

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