Museum Posters

Someone told me they liked my posts, (causing blushes and heart-eyes and head swelling galore), so now you’re stuck with my ramblings. I’ll try and keep it brief and image-heavy.

I recently came back from a vacation to Europe, my first time out of the country and crossing so many time zones. There are many wonderful things over there that you just can’t get in America, like churches over 900 years old and decent croissants, but while there I saw of a fantastic poster that gave me an idea for a post here. Museums often have some of the best merch in the business, (gotta keep their members happy and the public interested), but in a different way than your average music or event poster. Good ones are high-concept works of art, collector’s items. Here are some that I’ve found, including a bunch by Claude Kuhn, my new favorite designer. I can’t decide why I like him so much; all of his shapes and colors are so square but also have so much depth and space. His Museum Night poster rocked me like a hurricane.



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